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We design and deploy the best in technological services, we use only the best to provide clients with the best value. We recognise that different clients are looking for different things from their IT partner. We therefore offer a wide breadth of IT services, and take a flexible approach to client relationships.

Networking and Installation


Local Area Networks, or LANs, are often given less attention than, say, servers or firewalls, yet they are a key feature of any business that needs to store and communicate data effectively between its staff.

It is therefore essential to find the right company, like Everything IT , to design, install and support your Computer Network as it is at the very heart of your business. Geographically, Everything IT can provide network installation services for companies across Fiji, not just in our local area of Suva.

Experienced in a Variety of Computer Networking Hardware, Technologies & Protocols

Local Area Networks (LANs) come in all shapes and sizes, from two PCs and a hub, through 802.11a/b/g Wireless Networks to vast switched networks running a variety of protocols.

At the smaller end of the scale, it's relatively easy these days to install a computer network, as anyone who's successfully set up a home wireless network and router will testify.

However, for businesses with more than a handful of users, a network needs to function at an acceptable level of performance which won't happen if due consideration has not been given at the early planning stage. Equally important is scalability, as companies need to know that a network will grow as their business does, thereby giving good return on investment.

Latest News

A New Era in Technology
May 16, 2011
Everything IT combines with Creative Design (Fiji) to offer it's customers the best in class online solutions from web development to online presentations at their new office in Suva.